Hello and thank you for visiting ‘Lena L Fine Art Gallery’.

I am not a professional artist (I only began painting two years ago when I had a little more time having completed my PhD).

I am an amateur in the true sense of the word; my work is a labour of love and a reward in itself.

Discovering great paintings and fine art is like looking up into the night sky. At first it can be hard to detect that initial star, then suddenly once spotted, another appears and then another, until suddenly you are viewing an infinite number. To me, that is what appreciating fine art is; a wonderful discovering of great pieces of work, marvelling in the innate skill, talent and dedication of the artist. My dream is to be able to one day enter that galaxy of fine art. My reality is my passion for painting and my artistic endeavours, examples of which I hope you enjoy viewing on this website.

Lena Lim, 2017